First one!

My new co-worker Stella told me she was going to Turkey for Christmas. Backpack style.

I got so excited and invited myself to tag along on her one-person trip in an instant. Now there are 2.

Last time I took a big trip was grad trip in 2009 with university friends. It feels long overdue for another one, especially after reading this. We decided on our dates to be Dec 20 to Jan 4 or Jan 5. Nothing has been booked yet but Turkey and Eastern Europe are on the map though. Where are we going to go? Where are we going to stay? It is all a total mystery to be unraveled in the next 4 months.

To document this process (because we breathe in breathe out documentation at work), blogging seems like the best idea. They say it’s not about the end, it’s the journey that counts. Personally for me, I love the beginning of every trip planning and go through utter confusion at the logistics phase, and pray whatever that isn’t planned, will turn out okay once we land. No doubt this will be the same this time. Best moments on a trip happen when you least expect it.

We’ll take turns blogging our updated progress of the trip planning. When I say planning, really, Stella has already researched the crap out of driving from Split, Croatia to Istanbul, Turkey. I’m learning Turkish.

I suppose air fare should be the first step. More on that later once quotes are determined.


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