Decision Paralysis

I was telling S. today, everyday, I wake up excited for the trip. Then, I turn worried about reality of the Balkans, then we ran the numbers on flights, then I hear about possibility of the downside. What if you get robbed, raped, stranded, then sold off to traffickers. in previously war-torn countries? How safe is it to visit those countries?

Now that I lay it out there like that, it sounds bad. But it’s not so bad. These worries don’t go away if I were going to Western Europe either. You just exercise good judgment, common sense, and have some survival skills.

Whatever happens, happens. Really, we are stuck on worst case scenario. Big part of the reason Eastern Europe is on the map is to see it, before it turns into another London, Rome, or Paris.

Analyze the downside, remember the upside. Problem solved: Eastern Europe + Turkey it is.



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