Reading our Eastern Europe budget beyond the numbers

Time for the glorified number crunching. Fork over the –moolah-, in CAD.

Type of expenses Cost per day # days Amount
Fixed Costs
Flight 2,332
Food 50 15 750
Variable Costs
Lodging 40 15 600
Intercity Transport 25 15 375
Attraction fund (including HABT & FX : ) 400
Total Estimates     4,457

And for the visual learners:

Trip costs chart


– Reason to treat food as fixed cost: you can’t not eat.

– Reason to put lodging as variable cost: some of our flights require sleepover at the airport. Standard of hostels around the area may differ drastically for the same dollar.

– Intercity transportation is a total wildcard. This may change later to be a fixed cost.

This means:

– Just < 10% of our trip goes towards discretionary spending: attractions. I picked $400 out of the hat. Guessing that more ‘touristy’ stuff will happen in Turkey more than the first leg of the trip.

– If food & lodging turns out cheaper, attraction can edge towards 15%.

– Another way to look at it is if 90% of the costs are sunk costs, we are determined to make the 10% count every single minute.

– For the next 4 months, aim for avg monthly saving = $4,500 / 4 = $1,125 to make a full cost recovery on the trip prior to departure.

75% of the upfront costs should be pre-booking from now to Dec. Only 25% remaining: food & intercity transport will be spent during those days.

– Aside from direct costs to the trip, each of us probably will end up having to shell out $100 – $300 for supplies.

Numbers truly do speak for themselves.


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