Translating your Myers Briggs score into a travel type

Everyone has a Myers Briggs score. What’s yours?

The most popular way to use MB is by HR for the job recruiting process but whenever I talk to S, I find our MB score shows itself through everything you do, not just work. So it got me thinking, other than career paths, how else does it come across in travels?

My experience shows

ESFP/ESTP: people who can’t stand being alone must travel in packs. They are totally live in the moment type of people.

ESTJ/ISTJ/ISFJ: fun comes from when the trip happens on time and according to plan. Think of this as “structured fun”.

INTP (me): Getting lost with an ISTJ, and taking over navigation while they stress out. For once, I look more put together.

Other Intuitives, I have nothing for you for now. My guess is, intuitive people love travelling because it opens the world of possibilities. Intuitives travel to fully immerse themselves in the different and actively look for ways to change their perspectives.

Now, I get it. We travel to be a little more ourselves, without interruption.


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