Donairs & Shawarmas 101

My front bottom tooth is aching in pain and thus cannot fall asleep. If I still can’t in an hour, I will resort to narcotics.

One of my favourite street food from my time in Ottawa has been Shawarma King on Bank street. It has unbelievable juicy grilled meat with the garlick-est sauce you will ever eat and repel any mosquitoes away. Your blood will reek garlic that your horrible bosses steer away from you at the office (yay), and the roasted potatoes that it’s paired with will be only thing you’ll be dreaming about from 2pm – 5pm.


Then when I lived in the East Coast, it was Doner Kebabs that were all the rave. (see previous post on explanation of the food and pic), aka “Donairs”. Donairs essentially are the same and different. Same because it’s grilled meat to the North Americans. Different because it came from a different country and the sauce has many variations. It’s like asking people are fries and chips the same thing from UK to Canada? Deep, fried, potatoes in a slice format. Point made.

The method of cooking may taste subtly different to natives. For me, it’s when the meat is correctly grilled with the right amount of juiciness that fill in a pita bread (avoid messiness) and plenty of tabbouleh (for crunch) is what makes this satisfying lunch or a snack after the mall.

Here are some places that I look forward to trying out in the next few weeks:


Kebab House

Doner Mania


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