Donairs & Shawarmas 101

My front bottom tooth is aching in pain and thus cannot fall asleep. If I still can’t in an hour, I will resort to narcotics. One of my favourite street food from my time in Ottawa has been Shawarma King on Bank street. It has unbelievable juicy grilled meat with the garlick-est sauce you will […]

33 days left to go

It’s been 2 months since our last update: – All accomodation has been booked: Airbnb, hotels, hostels, caves. – Flight re-routed to avoid Albania now. I looked into how to avoid an 8 hour transit from Tirana into Montenegro but it wasn’t happening. So now the first half of the trip now is now: Dubrovnik, […]

Mother Teresa is Albanian

Google confirms it. Today is also her birthday. Happy birthday! We’re arriving in Tirana, Albania, where there is no transport other than bus or taxi to leave the country. No trains, I repeat no trains leave the country. I wonder if we would have to bus & ferry like she did in 1928, to leave […]

Reading our Eastern Europe budget beyond the numbers

Time for the glorified number crunching. Fork over the –moolah-, in CAD. Type of expenses Cost per day # days Amount Fixed Costs Flight 2,332 Food 50 15 750 3,082 Variable Costs Lodging 40 15 600 Intercity Transport 25 15 375 Attraction fund (including HABT & FX : ) 400 1,375 Total Estimates     4,457 […]